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Council still awaiting NSW Government approval on its plan for the Hurstville CBD

Posted 20 October 2011 by (Hurstville News)

Hurstville City Council is once again calling on the NSW Government to urgently approve its draft Hurstville Local Environment Plan (Hurstville City Centre) 2010 as a priority matter.

Mayor of Hurstville, Cr Steve McMahon said Council has been waiting for months for the approval from the Department of Planning and Infrastructure.

“Council is eager to receive the approval so that it can exhibit the plan concurrently with the draft Hurstville Local Environment Plan 2011,” he said.

“The two Plans support each other and cannot be exhibited separately because individually, they do not reflect our long-term plan to build the CBD to protect the suburbs from overdevelopment.”

Mayor McMahon said Council needs to continue to safeguard the amenity of residential suburbs for the long-term future of our great city.

“Over the past few years, Hurstville has done its fair share to accommodate Sydney’s growing population compared to other suburbs,” he said.

“When Ku-ring-gai and other suburbs on the north shore start building 16-storey monstrosities to house a growing population, then come and talk to me about increased development in our suburbs.

“Until then, we have done our fair share and we are not going to budge any further.”

Mayor McMahon said Council can adequately meet the draft South Subregional Strategy’s target of an additional 4,100 dwellings by 2031 through new dwellings earmarked in the draft Hurstville Local Environmental Plan (Hurstville City Centre) 2010.

“The draft Hurstville Local Environment Plan 2011 puts a stop to the NSW Government’s push to introduce high-rise developments in our local suburbs,” he said.

“When approved, the draft Hurstville Local Environment Plan (Hurstville City Centre) 2010 will be a win-win for both local business and the community.”

Mayor McMahon said he will write a letter to Member for Oatley, Mark Coure MP to progress the issue as a matter of urgency.


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