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Get paid $35 to dispose of your energy-guzzling second fridge

Posted 22 April 2010 by (Hurstville News)

Mayor Sansom said Hurstville City households can dispose of uneconomical refrigerators through the residential energy savings scheme ‘Fridge Buyback’.

“To date, more than 450 old, energy-guzzling fridges from Hurstville City households have been degassed, and had their cooling chemicals destroyed and metal parts recycled through the scheme,” he said.

“Local involvement has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 3500 tonnes per year and cut participants’ collective power costs by $90,000.”

Mayor Sansom said Fridge Buyback accepts working second fridges that are 250 litres or more in size and at least 10 years old.

“Almost a third of Sydney households have second fridges, which are big energy wasters; consuming up to three times the electricity of new fridges and costing around $210 to run annually,” he said.

Mayor Sansom said that along with free collection from your home by experienced removalists, residents are eligible for a $35 rebate for handing in their fridge if six stairs or less are involved in the removal.

“This is a tangible step that residents can take to combat rising energy costs and minimise the harm done by greenhouse gas emissions,” he said.

Fridge Buyback was very popular when it was first offered in 2006 and was subsequently re-introduced in 2008.

The current scheme is supported by a three year $2.8 million Climate Change Fund grant to collect, degas and recycle 19,000 working second fridges across NSW.

For more information and to participate in Fridge Buyback, visit Fridge Buyback or phone 1800 708 401.


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