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Sydney Water advises the community to avoid all contact with Georges River for another 48 hours

Posted 26 November 2013 by (Hurstville News)

As a result of heavy rainfall and flooding in the Campbelltown area on Friday 22 November, untreated wastewater has been flowing from the Glenfield Wastewater Treatment Plant into the Georges River. The flow ceased on the evening of Sunday 24 November, following reduced demand on the system.
An intensive downpour flooded the inlet pumping station at the plant on Friday night, which resulted in the pumps being unable to operate. This resulted in the release of untreated wastewater into the river from an emergency relief structure. Crews have worked since Friday night to pump the wastewater into the plant for treatment using generators and portable pumps.
Water quality tests show evidence of wastewater contamination of the Georges River between the plant and Casula. Sydney Water has commenced clean up and aeration of the affected section of the river.
Sydney Water advised NSW Health, NSW EPA, Campbelltown and Liverpool Councils of the incident on Friday night and will continue to work with the relevant agencies to resolve the situation. Sydney Water will continue to monitor the flow of contaminated water in the river and
provide information on its progress.
NSW Health recommends that people and their pets should avoid all contact with the Georges River from Macquarie Fields to Botany Bay for at least a further 48 hours, (from Monday 25 November 9am) including swimming, sailing, canoeing and fishing.
The water in the river is likely to pose a serious risk of gut and skin infections. Anyone who does come into contact with the water should wash themselves carefully, and seek medical advice about any open wounds that may have been exposed.
Drinking water is not affected and remains safe to drink.
For more information, contact Sydney Water on 8849 5151.