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Sydney Water update: Health alert for Georges River extended until Saturday morning

Posted 27 November 2013 by (Hurstville News)

NSW Health has advised that the health alert for the Georges River will be extended until Saturday
morning. This alert does not affect drinking water.
NSW Health is advising that people and their pets should avoid all contact with the Georges River from Macquarie Fields to Botany Bay until Saturday. This includes swimming, sailing, canoeing and fishing. NSW Health has advised that the water in the river is likely to pose a serious risk of gut and skin
infections. Anyone who does come into contact with the water should wash themselves carefully, and seek medical advice about any open wounds that may have been exposed.
The alert follows the release of untreated wastewater last weekend from Sydney Water’s Glenfield Wastewater Treatment Plant. During heavy rain and high wastewater inflows the plant’s pumping station flooded following a valve failure. About 150 mega litres of highly diluted but untreated wastewater was
released between Friday night and Sunday night. The overflow stopped on Sunday night. Sydney Water crews have worked since Friday night, using generators and portable pumps. Sydney Water is testing the river at 10 sites upstream and downstream of the Plant. We are cleaning the
riverbank in multiple locations and have three aerators in the river to maintain oxygen levels.
A Fact Sheet is available at
Sydney Water will be keeping its website updated as new information comes to hand at
Customers are also encouraged to call 13 20 90 if there are any questions or concerns.