Mortdale Memorial Park, Mortdale

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Mortdale Park had a very difficult beginning. Many different associations vied for their own piece of land in Mortdale for a park - the local Chamber of Commerce, the RSL, the local Parents & Citizens group and the Council.

Debate started in September 1924 when residents asked for a park on the corner of Victoria Avenue and Cook Street. Within a year the Chamber of Commerce put forward an alternative at the corner of Morts and Forest Roads. Over the next few years both sites were advocated as a possible location.

In July 1936, the Chamber of Commerce shifted its option to Lorraine Street, Peakhurst (now the golf course). Eventually, Council asked the State Government for land in Boundary Road, stating it was prepared to contribute 25%. The Park become operational in 1942.


Park Rules
No alcoholDogs on leashNo horsesNo golfNo trail bikesNo skateboards


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    65 Oxford Street, Mortdale

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Park Rules
Playground Playground
Picnic Picnic
Toilet Toilets
Disability Access Disability Access
Dogs on leash Dogs on Leash
No alcohol No Alcohol
No golf No Golf
No horses No Horses
No skateboards No Skateboarding
No trail bikes No Trailbikes
Take rubbish home No Rubbish Bins
No Smoking