Ruby Wing Reserve, Mortdale

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The reserve was originally called the Universal Street Playground. It was renamed in November 1958 in recognition of the outstanding service rendered by Mrs Ruby Wing, a local voluntary worker who died in October 1960.

It appears the reserve was built after 1947, as the Council minutes mention in that year of a request to purchase a block of land between The Strand and Universal Street which was ?overgrown with blackberries and infested with rats?.

The reserve was built by 1953 because in May, local residents complained of boys playing cricket and football 'causing damage, and excluding younger children from use of the reserve'.


Park Rules
No alcoholDogs on leashNo horsesNo golfNo trail bikes

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    40d Universal Street, Mortdale

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Park Rules
Playground Playground
Picnic Picnic
Toilet Toilets
Disability Access Disability Access
Dogs on leash Dogs on Leash
No alcohol No Alcohol
No golf No Golf
No horses No Horses
No skateboards No Skateboarding
No trail bikes No Trailbikes
Take rubbish home No Rubbish Bins
No Smoking