Tucker Reserve, Peakhurst Heights

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The reserve was named in 1991 after James Cawley Tucker. Tucker arrived in the colony in 1841 and was a Master Mariner for the East India Co., plying the trade between England and Sydney for many years and then coastal vessels to Hobart, carrying convicts and cargo.

He purchased the land in 1857 for ?1 ($2) an acre, shortly after the road to the south was built. He later became a wine merchant with his brother and set up the firm Tucker and Co.


Park Rules
No alcoholDogs on leashNo horsesNo golfNo trail bikes

  1. Address

    9d Sunshine Parade, Peakhurst Heights

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Park Rules
Playground Playground
Picnic Picnic
Toilet Toilets
Disability Access Disability Access
Dogs on leash Dogs on Leash
No alcohol No Alcohol
No golf No Golf
No horses No Horses
No skateboards No Skateboarding
No trail bikes No Trailbikes
Take rubbish home No Rubbish Bins
No Smoking