Beverly Hills Park, Beverly Hills

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In the early 1920s, calls for a park in the Dumbleton (now Beverly Hills) area surfaced when the Meadows/Moorefields Estate was being subdivided. The subdivision provided an opportunity for land to be set aside for a park.

In 1924, Council was caught up in political problems with the Meadows/Moorefields Estate and wavered over the virtues of a park in the area. The Council had also felt that ?3,000 ($6,000) for the land was impractical. In 1928, Council stated it had no funds for a park. In 1944, a park had appeared under the name of Moorefield Park. It is unclear if the developer had constructed the park. However by then, Council was involved in the upkeep of the park.

There is evidence that the park was used by the RAAF during WW1, and activities such as flying of model aircraft and archery occurred at the park.

The first use of the name Beverly Hills Park appears in the Council meeting of 1946.

Playground Picnic BBQ Toilet

Park Rules
No alcohol Dogs on leash No horses No golf No trail bikes


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    155 Vanessa Street, Beverly Hills

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Park Rules
Playground Playground
Picnic Picnic
Toilet Toilets
Disability Access Disability Access
Dogs on leash Dogs on Leash
No alcohol No Alcohol
No golf No Golf
No horses No Horses
No skateboards No Skateboarding
No trail bikes No Trailbikes
Take rubbish home No Rubbish Bins
No Smoking